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Light And Airy Spaces Without Using Mainly Shades Of White

Whether you want to create a harmonious style, or you want to bring a feminine touch to your current décor creating a light and airy space could be just the right move for your home. Here are a few ways you can create a light and airy space without using mainly shades of white.

Transparent Seating

There’s this seamless chicness that comes with combining a wood table with transparent seating. It’s so modern yet so simple. To further emphasis on the airy element pair your seating with comfortable traditional chairs for a beautiful contrast.

For a light and airy dining room with a bit of quirk pair a dark, rich wood table with transparent seating. There is something quirky about transparent seats that seem to bring a little something extra to a room. To complete the light and airy feel add a fun chandelier or wall sconces further brighten the space.

Pale Neutral Tones

Having a diverse range of neutral tones brings an open feel to the space that is undeniable while still being easy on the eyes. Pair with a few pattern pieces to bring personality to your decor. If you are not a fan of blond wood flooring consider a wood with gray undertones. 

Using pale neutral tones brings a brightening effect to any room without the need of using specific white shades. There is something very open and welcoming about neutrals especially when they are used as the main color wave in the room. Pair your pale neutral tones with blond wood flooring for a seamless contrast.

Coastal Décor

Open and airy decor doesn’t always mean you have to use neutral hues, you can get creative and go wild. The key is keeping in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm the room. For that coastal feel use shades of blue that are brightening and fun.

We love the idea of having a coastal decorated home, particularly when you have an open floor plan. An open floor plan lends itself to be open and airy yet when it is paired with coastal décor it feels welcoming and fun. Use pastel hues of blue to further enhance the beach house vibes coastal décor tends to omit.

Focus on the Windows

When focusing on the windows of the room you want to ensure they remain uncovered and that the decor revolves around them. Doing so brings that classic open and airy feel without taking away from your decor.

Have an amazing view outdoors? If so, focus on your windows and how the outdoors blends with your décor. Focusing on your windows not only lends itself for a brightening effect, but it allows the room to feel larger which in return has that airy and light feel. Keep the window free of curtains for that open look.

Don’t Forget the Color

Pastel’s are great when it comes to creating an airy space and adding color. However, they sometimes can have a feminine aesthetics to them. In order to prevent this, you want to incorporate metallic pieces that add a more contemporary feel.

Color is important in any room and with any decorating style, even when you want an open and airy space. The key for an open space that has a large amount of color is mixing soft pastels with hints of bright bits. The bright bits bring saturated color while the pastels seamlessly have that airy feel to them.

Black Chandelier

If you have the space pair your edgy black chandelier with a traditional standalone tub. The tub will bring a classic feel while the openness of the space and the edgy touch of the chandelier will create a contrasting balance that is quite modern.

A single black chandelier added to a soft, almost white decorated space is the perfect edgy, feminine touch to your space needs. This works best in a room that has plenty of natural lighting coming through, such as a bathroom or a living room.

Bring on the Gray

There is something about having a gray kitchen that just seems so put together and modern. Using different shades of gray together will bring an airy and light feel while being industrial and welcoming. Pair with natural hues such as wood or nudes to bring that open feel throughout.

Gray is one of those hues that is perfect for any room and any decorative style. This is mainly due to the wide selection of shades that it does come in. Use a multitude of hues of gray and lay them around the space for a multidimensional feel that is very modern and airy even trendy.

Create Texture

If you are not fond of having stripes in your kitchen yet want to create texture the key is keeping it simple. The best way to do this is by having tiles. Tiles come in multiple different colors and can be displayed in numerous different patterns.

When you are creating that perfect airy space that does not mainly revolve around having a white space you want to create texture. Create texture by having softer bits mixed in with patterns such as downward or horizontal stripes and/or florals. They are classy while having a clean textured look and feel.

Fifty Shades of Beige

We love the use of different shades of beige to create an airy space. Pair with pattern bits to complete the light feel. You may even want to add wood elements to further emphasize the different shades of beige. 

Beige is one of those hues that simple works extremely well when you are working on creating a light and airy space. The key is working with different hues of beige in a way that it doesn’t seem boring or too minimalist instead it feels natural and put together.

Bring on the Lights

The number of lights you use in the kitchen will depend on the size of the space. However, you want to have at least two or more striking light fixtures in the kitchen area and pair them with smaller ceiling lights for a bright yet simple effect.

There’s no better way to bring a light and airy feel to a room than to go rich and bold with your light fixtures. Your light fixtures add a unique touch throughout depending on what light fixtures you use. For a dainty and feminine touch, add beautiful chandeliers that are gorgeous to look at. Meanwhile, for a more edgy touch, consider dark pendants instead.

What tips and tricks do you use to create a light and airy space? Share with us your ideas below.


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