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LG Linear Compressor Refrigerator – Green Technology + TV

lg linear refrigerator LG Linear Compressor Refrigerator   Green Technology + TV
The LG Linear Refrigerator by LG Electronics is available with a built-in 13″ wide-screen LCD TV with Remote Control, Stereo FM Radio, Water & Ice Dispenser, Water Filtration system. It produces no frost, has a very elegant design and large capacity of 803 Liters or 28.3 cu.ft in overall. But what’s most interesting is that …it’s not only a state of the art refrigerator… it is also the most environmentally-friendly large-sized refrigerator thanks to its linear’s technology and the use of a natural refrigerant (Isobutane, R600a) – it won’t harm the ozone layer. With the LG innovative Linear Compressor, it has the lowest level of electricity consumption in the world. The Silver-nano/nano-carbon technology system helps to eliminates odor, germs and fungi. The LG Linear refrigerator’ vibration-free design is remarkably quiet. LG Electronics



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