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LED Showerhead Powered by Its Own Turbine – Dynamo Shower!

Wow – LED lights in your shower head that are completely self-powered! And, it’s no harder to install than any shower head you pick up at the hardware store – just take the old shower head off and put the new one on. No wires, no electricity…no fuss, no muss, no bother! From Christina of Italy, where respect for the environment is paramount from the beginning of the design, the lights turn themselves on with the opening of the tap. The flow of the water creates the energy to power the LEDs when it passes through the micro-turbine. In addition to being environmentally friendly, and design-savvy, these high quality products hold up. Cristina offers a 5-year warranty on all of its product’s mechanical parts, as well as on their chrome finishing. This dynamo shower head combo of light and water is presented with the same attention to detail that the company has been maintaining since 1949. A proven design house with a contemporary idea – and the result is sheer magic. Mixing water and light just might be the next hot new trend in showers.
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