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Laptop Ready Lounge Two-seater by TOOtheZOO

Today’s world is characterized more than ever by movement. People travel for work and pleasure, technology is mobile and lunch breaks are short…Everything needs to adapt to this new era of mobility, including furniture. And that is exactly what Dutch company TOOtheZOO have done with their TOOaPICNIC series of two-seaters. The TOOaPICNIC furniture is a structure composed of a backrest, two seats and a table, with some variations among the three members of the series- Share, Chill and Chill+Hide. Share is the basic model, while Chill becomes more comfortable by adding armrests on the extremities of the structure. In the style on a loveseat, Chill+Hide’s back and armrests grow taller to provide privacy to the two occupants. Some cushions are added to this model for a cozy feeling. These two-seaters with table are best used in public spaces, such as hotel lobbies or airport lounges, but also in offices, where they can offer mobile work stations or private discussion spots. They can be equipped with power sources for loading laptops or gadgets. At home, they can be used in small kitchen or dining rooms, but also at the entrance, reiterating the retro “phone table” of the fifties.



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