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Lamp Set by Sergio Silva – Oyule

“A clever twist of art and design, Brooklyn industrial designer Sergio Silva transforms a modern object into the very thing it was created to replace.
Exclusive to 66degrees.com, Sergio has transformed what was an idea into a limited run production, with his Oyule lamps. Working with reclaimed light bulbs, Sergio has tried to “send the bulbs back in time”, to rework the design into a striking set of oil lamps. As the incandescent light bulb rapidly fades away with the introduction of halogen and LED bulbs, Sergio has re-purposed it into a new/old method of lighting the home. The Oyule lamps use non-flammable paraffin wax and a wick to provide a unique take on the light bulb. The lamps also include hand-machined parts to ensure both strength and safety, without betraying the original look of an everyday bulb.
Sergio Silva’s set of two Oyule lamps will be sold in a limited edition of 66 sets, exclusive to 66degrees.com. Each set is hand made by Sergio in his Brooklyn studio and will ship with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist.”


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