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Lake House Above Rur Reservoir in Germany is Minimalist Masterpiece

The best way to describe this private residence in Kreuzau, Germany is by using the famous line “Less is More”. With a glass facade fronted by a simple deck and glass rail system, the home allows the focus to be of the stunning panoramic lakeside view rather then anything within the not so humble abode. LHVH Architekten used clean Modernist lines as a theme throughout the public and private zones of the home with textural stories creating subtle divisions. The wall to wall – ceiling to floor glass panels wrap the corner of this home to continue along the living, dining, and kitchen areas respectively and despite its modest size, this home feels larger then life due to the natural landscape that surrounds it.

The deck and home appear to balance on the rocky outcrop at the edge of the slope but actually are cut into the slope for a stable and protected environment. With the landscape dropping quickly, the home has the feel of being cantilevered without actually being so.
Access to the landscape below is through a long flight of stairs that runs parallel to the deck.
The large expanses of glass are relieved by two sections of greywacke stone laid in brick patterns with one of the sections housing an indoor and outdoor fireplace.
When not in use, the two sided fireplace acts as a window to the outdoors. This stone framed window within a wall of windows is an interesting study of perspective in front of the panoramic views and the large tree just beyond the deck continues the story of depth perception as does the round skylight centred between the fireplace and dining area.
The ceiling of this home is punctuated with several round skylights and combined they create a dynamic flow through the space. Crisp, clean lined furnishings are kept to the basics with the only addition of colour coming from the multiple hues used on the moulded plastic dining chairs. The hues are each kept to a deep shadow base so as not to compete with the views.
Just off the living area is the private bedroom. The bedroom is closed of with the use of two floor to ceiling doors that each have an inlayed stainless steel detail. The doors are majestic and grand and beside them is a niche framed in exposed concrete and filled with mirror to reflect the views. The stately entrance does not betray the private space it shields.
The dressing room is clad on both sides with mid to dark hand finished cherry wood paneling, however the space is well lit by the overhead skylights. To magnify the natural light and offer the home owner a place to check out their clothes, a mirror covers the end wall.
The private washroom is a study of neutrals with the continued use of cherry wood, a central wall of travertine behind the vanity – all wrapped in white.
With a deck and windows that wrap 3 sides of this home, the panoramic views are kept front and centre both inside and out. 9 skylights allow natural light to flow throughout the space, as do the walls of glass.
The steep drop of the embankment creates both a place for the home to nestle into and to project off of.
Cut into the slope, the home has a protected vantage point of the panoramic lakeside views.
The Lake House is one of only 7 homes along this embankment.
With the private setting and the panoramic views, the homeowners can enjoy the lifestyle well into the night. After the sun has gone down the skylights offer a reverse lighting effect and cast a soft glow up into the canopy of tree.
LHVH Architekten


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