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KWC-Soda Faucet – sparkling water siphon

Here’s another cool innovation from Europe – the KWC-Soda faucet converts regular water into sparkling water with a push of a button. And, of course, the water is filtered. A combination of a faucet and a soda dispenser, KWC-Soda may remind you the classical siphons of the 1960’s from the outside but inside it’s totally modern. Press a button and get a glass of carbonated drinking water right from your kitchen faucet. Don’t want to change your existing faucet? Than the KWC extendable carbonated water unit may a better option to get your soda. To achieve this kitchen paradise, you would need a water filtering system and a CO² source installed under your sink. The faucet is priced at US$1,450 (1,195 Euros). KWC-Soda

See more details about the filtering system at Soda And Fruit


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