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KWC Wamas Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet – the new faucet line

[KBIS 2007 Previews]
The new KWC Wamas Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet line creates a family of tall pillar faucets each featuring gently blended forms. Suitable for both kitchens and bathrooms, the cylindrical bodies of the Wamas faucets sprout thick spouts which taper over your basin. Each faucet is topped with a single control to adjust flow and temperature, but features a different lever style that compliments the different nozzle finishes. KWC Wamas kitchen faucet dramatically reaches up to provide an abundance of sink space. For the extra convenience the Wamas kitchen faucet features a pull out spray. Simple and elegant faucets these KWC bathroom faucets and the matching kitchen faucets offer the fine exact details you desire.


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