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New Kohler Sok tub – an overflowing bath for two

The new Kohler Sok tub is an overflowing bath that will take your romancing experience far away from the ordinary. Imaging two of you submerging up to your shoulders in a slowly but continuously moving warm water… “as thousands of champagne-like bubbles emerge from thirteen ports, gently caressing for a soothing bathing experience”. Sok isn’t just an overflowing bath – it’s also a bubbling bath (effervescent bath). Other exiting features include chromatherapy and the whirlpool system, seating areas to accommodate average-size man and woman, and it’s over-sized to let two people enter simultaneously, and it’s also very deep allowing bathers to “completely immerse themselves in the water”. Create a continuous flow of water over the sides of the bathtub with the use of Laminar ceiling-mount bath filler. Sok is built of fiberglass and is easy to clean. The bathing area is 84″ x 31-1/2″ while the outside dimensions are 103-3/4″ x 41″. Shown is K-1166-C1-96 overflowing bath for two in Biscuit color.

Sok tub detail


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