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New Kohler Performance Showering – create your custom shower space

Following a new wave of enhancement in the shower experience, Kohler created the Performance Showering. The Performance is a customizable shower environment that sells as a package. At your choice, the package will be complete with the single- or multifunction showerheads of large diameters, bodysprays of different shapes and functions and handshowers. To enable such water consuming systems, more powerful shower valves are required, and Kohler offers new MasterShower XVII thermostatic valve that delivers a big 17.2 gpm flow rate. To create your preferred showering space, some custom installations may be required. Kohler

With the introduction of the Performance, Kohler brings several new items on the market – specifically, we’d like to note the two square-shaped fixtures: WaterTile K-8003-CP 22-nozzle invigorating bodyspray (shown in Polished Chrome) and WaterTile K-8022-CP 54-nozzle relaxing showerhead in (also in Polished Chrome).


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