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Kohler Boucle textured colors: Tweed & Muslin on Camber self-rimming lavatory

Beautiful spherical basins with lovely thick rims, the Kohler Boucle textured color lavatory offers a sophisticated elegance. Featuring alluring surface decoration and glazing techniques, the Kohler Boucle textured color lavatory achieves an attractive texture. The Kohler Camber lavatory has a classical shape with subtle fine details like the slightly up-swept vanity edge. Available in neutral Tweed and Muslin patterns, the Kohler Boucle lavatories have a serene refinement. Accented with gleaming faucets in either single or three hole designs, the basin has a timeless essence that compliments any bathroom style. A glamorous basin that shines with a stunning textured finish, the Kohler Boucle lavatory wraps classical elegant forms in contemporary decorative style. List price for Camber self-rimming lavatory: $456.45 and up.


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