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Kohler Bellhaven faucet – the new bathroom faucet

[KBIS 2007 Previews]
The beautiful Kohler Bellhaven faucet brings a modern edge to a traditional design. Inspired by early 20th century architecture, the Bellhaven widespread bathroom faucets blend old and new into a seamless and timeless design. A gorgeous bell shape forms the base of each piece, while the spout sweeps up like a swans neck. Each Bellhaven faucet is crowned by a small globe, beneath which a silverware like handle flares. Sweeping balanced forms offer an elegance and classic refinement. Available from Kohler the three piece 8″ spread lavatory faucet is $234 in polished chrome and $340 in a vibrant brushed nickel finish; the 4″ centerset model is $154 in polished chrome and $223 in a vibrant brushed nickel.


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