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Knitted is a Textural Modern Light with Traditional Roots

A collaboration between Israeli designers Ariel Zucherman and Oded Sapir resulted in light series called Knitted. Knitted combines both industrial and manual crochet knitting with modern lighting technology. The knitted wool threads create fixed 3D patterns in sheet formation that are then fitted over a rigid skeletal structure before finally turning into the dynamic sacks that hold the globes of light. The result is an organic light fixture that is graphic, colorful and visceral.

While the knitted sacks lend themselves to large pendant style fixtures, they are equally as dynamic when wrapped around a floor mounted light globe. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have one or more of these in a bedroom!
Equally as exciting would be to have a series of these Knitted globes traveling up a stairwell wall. They remind me a bit of sea urchins and that theme could be expanded on with additional artwork.
Whether used as a pendant, a floor light or a wall light, Knitted is a great way to bring additional texture to any room.
Aside from texture, the visual statement is pretty compelling as well. A drip of this blue Knitted pendant over top of a white table and chair set with a similar shade large blue vase featuring white flowers would create a stunning all encompassing vignette.
The detail of the knitting really makes you want to reach out – up or down – and touch it.
The lightweight aspect to the design makes Knitted not only easy to transport and easy to hang, but also a perfect candidate for large installations.
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