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15 Kitchen Islands With Seating For Your Family Home

When you’ve got a larger home with a larger kitchen for your larger family, you’ll need to think about all the details involved in their comfort. You’ll also need to think ahead about utilizing every space around the house for the greater good. And with these 15 kitchen islands with seating, you’ll have function and style down to a science for your family.

Homedit starts us off with this gorgeous blend of industrial style and rustic vision. The kitchen is stunning but the seating availability surrounding the spacious island make the room so much more appealing. Just think of all the possibilities and comfort that we get within this one area!

Over at HGTV, we find a much more traditional space. It also has a contemporary vibe, but our focus is on those seats. And because of the elongated aisle, there’s an opportunity to add simple seat options for the family, our guests or any of the kids to don during their homework and afternoon snack.

Are you looking for some inspiration concerning your modern modern – and smaller – kitchen? Just check out this section from HGTV! Futuristic stools can round our your simple kitchen island with ease and style, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to an actual functioning space.

Of course, you could add simple stools to any kitchen island as well. And if you go with stools, you’ll get more seating. We love the play on the black and white as well, giving this neutral space a bit more interest and contrast.

Add some cushions to your seats for extra comfort! That’s what we see here, in this family-style kitchen. There’s definitely a subtle, traditional vibe happening here but the inspiration surrounding the island seating is great. Don’t be afraid to add an option to the end so the entire family can enjoy breakfast together.

Of course, you could always mix up your seating as well. That’s what they did here with this space from Impressive Interior Design. Some stools on one side and some high seats on the other, this becomes a more eclectic and fun space to enjoy.

Homedit gives us another swoon-worthy kitchen to fall in love with. But again, our focus is on the kitchen island seating. And here, we’re given a small nook to enjoy for our morning oatmeal or afternoon snack. You just have to be aware of the stools or chairs you choose that fill the area nicely.

Impressive Interior Design had this idea up their sleeve as well. We’re loving this mid-century modern stools and how it add an extra punch of spunk to the kitchen. We don’t mind the extra bout of color either, which is great for personalizing and adding your own stamp to the house.

Here’s a kitchen island that’s a bit lower than what we’re used to, so the stools needed to be a little lower as well. But we’re really swooning just over the possibility to have seating at the island at all! Just think of all the entertainment possibilities you could have with a design like this.

If you really want to pack the island, check out this kitchen for the ultimate inspiration. These modern, high stools are perfect for fitting lots of opportunity into your kitchen island. We also love the overall design of this kitchen, minimal and industrial.

Modern Kitchen may not have given us the most modern of designs but they did give us a family-friendly, cozy space to swoon for. Check out this country-flavored kitchen and its gorgeous, rustic kitchen island seats. Perfectly poised for the breakfast bar, we love everything about this look.

HGTV provided us with another favorite kitchen island design of the bunch because it includes all different kinds of seat options. A bench for the kids to pack onto, with the opportunity to add a table too. And then on the backside there’s more room for a few stools!

Here we have a beautiful mix of both industrial accents and traditional stylings. And the bar nook on this kitchen island really makes for a great space for the family to enjoy. Those stools fit so perfectly, we love how there’s an area made especially for them to go.

Although this island can fit one or two more stools, sometimes simplicity really is key. A couple stools can transform your kitchen from functional to both functional and welcoming. Thanks for the bouts of inspiration, as always, HGTV!

Finally, we end with another simple design that speaks to both contemporary lovers and traditional visions. This black island is complete with a few black stools that blend and make no fuss in this space. If you’ve got a minimal outlook in mind, then this is for you.


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