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kitchen island light fixtures that completely change your décor

If you have been wanting to completely change your cooking space yet don’t want to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for it, this guide is for you. When it comes to changing the aesthetics of your kitchen, adding, removing or completely changing your light fixtures that are part of your kitchen island is the way to go. Light fixtures can make a bold statement, brighten the area, and create a new aesthetic without a huge price point. Keeping that in mind, here are our take on the best kitchen island light fixtures.

White & Gold

When working with metallics you want to go as bold as possible in order to bring the brightening effect they were intended to do.

Everyone knows white is a brightening hue not everyone is aware of how much it can do to a room even when it comes to light fixtures. Add white and gold pendant lights right above your kitchen island to make the room feel glamorous and chic without the added frills. The key is having simple pendants that bring light into the room while not taking away from what you already have.

Chic & Sexy

Black can completely change the feel of a room, even in minimal spaces, black light fixtures can make the room feel grand with just the right hint of chicness.

Sometimes all a room needs are a hint of something different to come back to life that is where black, modern light fixtures will come into play. Many homeowners become afraid of the color black because of how bold it can: however, when it’s done properly it becomes sexy. The key is working with simple, black fixtures that are chic enough that they make a statement on their very own, while still working with the décor you already have.

Rose Gold

Pair your rose gold with white fresh colors to truly enhance your decor in an overall manner. It brings life to the room in a feminine kind of way.

Will rose gold ever go out of style? In our opinion, it might but just not this year. Rose gold is here to stay! And why not incorporate it into your kitchen. The beauty of rose gold is, how feminine it appears when it is blended with similar hues. The key is using identical rose gold lights with just the right amount of texture for that feminine bit that still feels grounding to the room.

Full Chandelier

Why have one chandelier when you can have two! Consider having two chandeliers for an explosive, glamorous display.

If you want to add a splash of glamour, consider a chandelier, but not just any chandelier, you want a large chandelier that can be felt from your kitchen to the dining room. You want the glamour to ooze from your kitchen island to the rest of the room. This will work best if you have an open concept kitchen as it will allow you to work with the overall appeal of both spaces.

Small but Powerful

Simple light fixtures are great because they bring light and expand the room with little to no need for additional decorating bits.

Sometimes a few small light fixtures can be exactly what your kitchen needs. Use smaller fixtures when you already have a bold space. You want to add identical light for that powerful display that helps enhance your current décor, without taking away from it. Consider metallic lights for an overall grounding effect.

Mix & Match

When it comes to choosing similar light fixtures you want to remain in the same family for a beautiful pairing that makes sense to the room.

While we have mentioned identical lighting, not all light fixtures need to match. If you are looking for an eccentric display mixing and matching your light fixtures is the way to go. Choose a different light to showcase a unique bit of your room, the key is keeping your fixtures in the same color family so that it feels similar yet different. The quirkiness of each light will bring something new to the room.

Box Pendants

Consider large light fixtures for a beautiful display that makes sense in the room while adding volume to the space.

Those who have been looking to change their kitchen up a bit are well aware of box pendants. Box pendants have not only taken over interior designing, but they have become a staple in every home book and magazine. This is mainly due to how crisp and modern they appear while oozing an almost whimsical touch. Keep your box pendants minimal by allowing them to be the focus of the room. Your pendants should feel powerful in the space not as if they are a simple addition to your décor.

Bold & Minimal

One single large light fixture can make a huge impact without the need of adding other decorating bits.

We contemplated adding this idea as it’s pretty new to the home décor scene. Stipulating that you want a light fixture that catches the key of your guests a bold, yet a minimal design is a way to go. You want a daring large piece that feels in command, yet is dainty enough that it does not take away from what you already have- that is where the minimal aspect of it comes into play. Keep your daring piece as minimal as possible, but allow it to be large and in command for a harmonious balance.


Making a bold statement is quite easy when you are working with light fixtures. The key is having two pieces that are not only identical, but they make a statement on their own.

Symmetry plays a big role in how many things are displayed in a room. Your lighting does not have to be exempt from this. Hang large lights in a symmetrical manner to make your ceiling feel grander while still being chic. The idea is having your lighting feel like one of those elements that ground the room in a way.


Color is important in any room, particularly in the kitchen. Add multiple light fixtures in the same hue for a beautiful contrasting approach.

Could we do a guide without including color?! Probably, but what fun would anything be if it didn’t consist of multiple different shades of color. Add vibrancy to your kitchen with a lighting design that has some color weaved into it. You want your light fixture to enhance the hues you are already using in that particular room.

Maybe Industrial?

Industrial is great because of how unique it appears. The key is having one or more industrial bit and allowing it to be a focus in the room.

Every so often, a room needs something different, something almost rebellious to make it feel alive- industrial lamps. Industrial lamps do just that to any room they are used in. They have this sense of openness and edge that radiates from them in a cool kind of way. Think of them like the edgy friend that seems to blend in yet bring something quirky all at once.

How do you illuminate your cooking space? Share some of your top lighting secrets with us below.


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