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Johnny Poux’s Contemporary Furniture

“Johnny Poux approaches furniture design with the proficiency of a carpenter and the artistry of a sculptor. That’s no coincidence. For almost 10 years, Poux worked as a carpenter, and he takes his inspiration not from fellow furniture makers, but from Constantin Brancusi, the modernist sculptor. Poux’s newest collection of handmade furniture made its debut to the trade at the International Contemporary Furniture show.”
Also new this year are the Mercury chair and dining and coffee tables, all of which have 1950s-esque slanted steel legs. The Mercury chair, all point angles with a low profile, seems straight out of an apartment from the space-race era. Poux agrees. After he designed it, he came up with the name because “it looks as if it just landed.”
Johnny Poux Furniture, 845-340-9088

Johnny Poux’ Laminated Drums Table
Johnny Poux’ Laminated Console


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