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Johnathan Adler: Welcome to His World of Colorful Design

No one could ever call Jonathan Adler a conservative designer. Or a sedate one, for that matter. But he’s sure got that elusive quality, the one the French call ‘je ne sais quoi’, that everyone is looking for. And he’s got color – lots of it. He aims for “elegant” and “extravagant” and he aces those in spades. He lives to create, and surrounds himself with creative people. His Interior Design efforts are just part of his wildly successful career that includes a ceramics line, a furniture line, 28 retail stores and a TV show (among other adventures). His interior design gigs have run the gamut from the prestigious Parker Palm Springs Hotel to the sassy real Barbie Dream House. His basic advice to the home designer? “Every room needs an anchor and a star.” And don’t forget the wild displays of color. As Adlder told Interior Design magazine: “It’s a great time for dude to connect with his inner peacock.”

More information: Johnathan Adler Interior Design


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