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Opulent Lighting Designs by Ruggiu – Bucintoro lamps

For an opulent lighting effect in the home look no further than these Bucintoro lamps from Ruggiu. Thanks to their 30% PbO lead crystal drops they sparkle and glitter like jewels, giving a rich feel to your room scheme. The overall atmosphere of luxury is enhanced by the metal mesh frame of the lights, in a gold or chrome finish, that holds each crystal. Illumination is a vital part of any room design, allowing you to alter the ambience with just a flick of a switch. Go for wall lamps and floor lamps to complement the main pendant, not forgetting spotlights to emphasize certain areas and dimmers to reduce glare when needed. Bucintoro is available as a table, floor or wall lamp, so offering a complete lighting solution. From Ruggiu’s classic San Marco collection. To find out more visit Ruggiu.



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