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Jaclo Rain Canopy – the new Dream Light chromatherapy canopy

Light Up the Shower Experience. Create a soothing symphony of color within the privacy of your own shower. Jaclo new Dream Light, an innovative rain canopy in rectangular, cube and round shapes, enables you to experience a rainbow of color while fulfilling a daily ritual. The futuristic design of the Dream Light rain canopy features a thin stainless steel sheet complete with LED lights, which illuminate the falling water. The lights can be programmed to turn on manually with the flip of a switch or they can be encoded to start automatically whenever the shower is turned on. The light intensity is fixed. All Dream Lights feature a full rain spray and multiple colors are available in a single head configuration. Finally you can enjoy the ultimate in chromatherapy by allowing refreshing white, soothing blue, calming amber, motivational red, peaceful green and warm white to wash away your daily stressors. Jaclo


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