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Italian Radiator from Projectclima – customizable recyclable radiators

Modern Italian designed radiators from Projectclima are an ecologically sound choice: all materials used to make the radiators are 100% recyclable. The Adacto range is also so adaptable… anyone, from designer to consumer, can use the software available on the website to easily design their own perfect Adacto radiator. Choose from any combination of form, color and size to fully customise your radiator to fit any application. Functional and artistic, these radiators give off more heat than a standard towel warmer to create a cozy atmosphere. Adacto finishes come in a rainbow of polyester paint options, as well as three oxidized metallic finishes and specialised wenge and zebrano finishes. And to intrigue your imaginative nature, any picture you like can be printed on the radiators using an extraordinary transfer process. Express yourself, choose a Projectclima radiator to suit your home environment.


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