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Invisible House in Rathfarnham, Ireland by Odos Architects – No48A is anything but

The Invisible House, aka No48A, by multi-award-winning Odos Architects is anything but invisible among architectural circles in its hometown of Rathfarnham, Ireland and beyond. Noted world-wide for its almost-impossible placement as a 1,600-sq.-ft. addition in a 1,500-sq.-ft. end-of-garden site, the house also features a spacious courtyard boasting 20-ft. bamboo plantings and an “invisible” front, which has earned this modern house its playful name. Explaining the unique exterior view, the home’s look is a culmination of its “semi-industrial” surroundings and the geometry of the property. As for the home interior, says Darrell O’Donoghue of Odos, “We wanted to give the clients some privacy, despite the fact that the entrance would be pushed right out onto the footpath. But what we love about this house is the fact that, once the door opens, visitors are genuinely shocked to find a house on three levels, with a big courtyard, and swathed in light throughout.” The house gets much of its extra space by excavating the basement, thus fitting within the maximum home’s height limit while meeting the clients’ criteria of more livable interior space. The home’s innovative layout features two main living areas – the courtyard, and the open-concept living/dining room and kitchen, connected by sliding glass windows. The lower level houses two bedrooms, a bathroom and separate shower room, a garage and storage space. Upstairs, the home’s second level cantilevers over the courtyard below, creating a comfortable, covered space. The home’s main highlights are its views and its amazing sense of light, which largely comes via windows and skylights and making artificial lighting a necessity only during the dark of night. Adding sustainability to style, this cool house also boasts solar panels for water heating, under-floor heating, and triple-glazed windows to retain heat. Odos Architects.
invisible house odos 1 Invisible House in Rathfarnham, Ireland by Odos Architects   No48A is anything but
invisible house odos 2 Invisible House in Rathfarnham, Ireland by Odos Architects   No48A is anything but




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