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Interior Waterfall from Adagio Collection – Stainless Steel and Rustic Copper indoor waterfalls

Flowing, ever moving art – the Stainless Steel and Rustic Copper interior waterfalls are stunning water features from Adagio Collection. These innovative interior waterfalls will bring the peace and serenity of nature’s sights and sounds into your home or workplace. Water trickles gently down beautiful, natural slabs of stone – choose from a wide variety of colors (black, green, brown, multi-colored) utilising stones such as Rainforest Marble Stone and Indian Rajah Slate. Quarried overseas, the stone is then hand-finished for an exclusive, textured look. Edged with a gorgeous trim of stainless steel or rustic copper, the indoor waterfalls are sure to be a focal point and conversation piece. Add the impact of optional halogen lighting for a truly sensational look. High quality water features are Adagio Collection’s priority – contact them for information on their distinctive Interior Waterfalls.



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