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Interior Decorating with Wallpaper – outside the box ideas by Novogratz

The Novogratz interior decorating style never fails to amaze us – it’s interesting to see how they, who have such a distinct style, incorporate Tres Tintas Almendro wallpaper to an interior scheme. They’re clearly not afraid of mixing bold patterns, that’s for sure. In both examples, the wallpaper and floors share the exact same color scheme, but very different patterns. It makes for very stimulating and fun, modern rooms. It’s funny to see the difference between the these images and the application gallery for Almendro at Tres Tintas, where the wallpaper never competes with other patterns in the room. Of course, you may expect that from Tres Tintas as they are trying to sell their wallpaper. This is a good example of how ideas from the producers or sellers may serve as great inspiration, but when you think outside the box and have a little courage, you can create something truly unique and enhanced.



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