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Interior Curtains Design for Glass House: Privacy and Energy Saving

Just because you live in a modern home with lots of sleek glass walls and a super stylish interior doesn’t mean you have to compromise on privacy and energy saving – not when you make good use of curtains, that is. This home perfectly displays how curtains can be a flexible and style enhancing solution for privacy and energy efficiency in modern glass houses with an open plan. Of course, when it comes to energy, building materials and layout are key. But in this case we are examining the heavy interior curtains as a good tool for temperature control. Plus, you can open and close them for privacy at your convenience. The curtains in this home don’t only sit against windows, but they are also hung throughout the home as flexible space dividers. Wouldn’t you agree that they add a certain element to the interior that gives the home a unique feel? This is the Mohle home, designed by Baldridge Architects.



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