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Inspiring Minimalist Design by Alberto Campo Baeza

Simply breathtaking, the Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Campo Baeza boasts an inspiring, minimalist design. Made primarily of concrete, stone and glass, this house seems to augment the tremendous beauty of its surroundings and exudes tranquility. Inside on the top floor, surrounded by glass are the main living and dining areas. Open and airy, this space takes on the mood of the outdoors, whatever it may be on any given day. Even though this house is ultra modern, with its linear flow and minimal decor, a real connection to nature is felt. Underground, beneath the top floor you will find the bedrooms, bathrooms and art gallery. Neutral colors with minor pops of red govern the space and the furniture choices, although limited, can in no way be faulted. This house is a truly inspiring place to be; where the minimal interior leaves plenty room for contemplation and creative thought. Visit Alberto Campo Baeza to find out more.
via Contemporist.



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