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Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser 2200 series – the new traditional style dispenser

Blending new technology with vintage designs, the new Insinkerator Instant Hot Water Dispenser 2200 offers the newest kitchen appliance in a nostalgic Victorian style. Behind the classic lathed forms, the Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser 2200 offers 200F near-boiling water at the turn of a switch. Handy for washing dishes, loosening jar lids, peeling tomatoes, making tea and al dente pasta, a hot water dispenser is one the newest must-haves in the kitchen. Featuring two rabbit-ear like levers for hot and cool water, the Insinkerator 2200 can dispense 60 hot cups of water an hour. With a built-in filtration system the 2200 Dispenser offers the best water system for your home. A new offering from Insinkerator, the 2200 Instant Hot Water Dispenser uses traditional inspiration to create a hot water system at home in both modern transitional and traditional homes.


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