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Inset Baths – new bath Alfa Form by Aquaplus

These elegant contemporary inset baths are the new Alfa Form baths by Aquaplus. Crafted from patented solid surface material called ‘Scene’, the bath has no visible joins in its smooth, sensual surface. Rounded edges and an organic aspect make the Alfa Form warm and welcoming. Neatly inset, the bath will lend a clutter-free air to your bathroom or open-plan setting. To re-create the luxury of a spa in your home, a chromotherapy option is available. The inset bath comes in 180x80cm, 180x85cm, 190x90cm, 160x160cm and 170x170cm sizes, starting at GBP £4,600 (US$ 12,075). Contact Aquaplus in the UK and Ireland for more information on the Alfa Form inset baths and complete matching bathroom series.


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