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Unique Vessel Sinks by Sonobath – bending the stone

We love this unique vessel sink design from Sonobath. Featuring gently up-turned corners inspired by delicate flower petals, the aptly named Lotus quartz vessel sink brings its peaceful beauty and serene spa style to any bathroom. And just try to tell celebrity interior and furniture designer Jae Omar that stone doesn’t bend! Despite the obvious material obstacles presented, Omar created this unique sculptural sink by curving the sink’s stone corners into their elegant shape. “I’m a bit obsessed with objects or materials doing things they shouldn’t be doing without being compromised or corrupted,” he explains. “A number of manufacturers try to manipulate resin to look like stone, but it’s fake. I’ve thought for years about how to create the subtle, organic curves that you find in nature out of a stone material and finally achieved it with Lotus.” Transform the boring bath into a luxurious retreat from the daily grind. The Lotus sink measures 16 by 20 inches, and is also available in custom sizes. Check out the Lotus vessel sink by visiting Sonobath.



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