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Innovative Glass Home Architecture by Vibe Design Group

Multi award winning Australian architects Vibe Design Group designed this glass and wood house in Melbourne, Australia with a modern wing that reaches out and lures you in. By night, the warmly lit interiors showcase the home’s wonderful open nature, where all that separates it from the outdoors is a barely there wall of glass. It’s no wonder that this cool house was the recipient of the Most Innovative Use of Glass in 2011 awarded by the Building Designers Association Victoria. And it’s an innovative architectural design indeed. Through the zigzagging glass, a clean, contemporary interior is visible as your eye follows the lines of this moder home. Check it out!



In the early design phase, the architects created an open dialogue between house and street. The open lower level, lower deck and upper balcony, glass walls and open interior layout all maintain that connection to exterior environment.


“In this design, we sought to embody the iconic elegance of the 1950/60s modernist style,” according to Vibe Design Group. “The facade drew inspiration from a classic styled stereo cabinet, with the spaced timber battens at opposing ends mimicking the speaker elements. The glazing to the rear of the residence takes full advantage of the northern orientation while providing transparency across the main level of the house. The complexities of the outside world are simplified in the interior environment where we have alleviated the usual clutter of doors by camouflaging them within the timber veneer walls.”


A long wood walkway leads across the sloping property and to the large glass facade which welcomes you in with a warmly lit view of interiors.


Expansive glazing on the upper and lower levels solidify the home’s connection to the outdoors, not only through the unobstructed views and also by virtue of the sliding glass walls – all that’s left to do is step outside!


Interiors are flooded with natural light and views, which are open from inside out, and vice versa! The home’s open layout is perfect for family living and entertaining, and with views like these, it would be a heartbreaking to hinder them with walls!


Interiors are a cool blend of contemporary elements and warm wood details, from the honey-colored floors, to the espresso-stained timber walls.


Doors are camouflaged among the wood wall panels, swinging open to reveal concealed rooms.


The kitchen features tons of storage and among the wall of cabinets…


You guessed it! Another hidden door leading into another room. We love this fun and functional element!


In the bathroom, the minimal wood details really make it pop against the crisp white backdrop.


The fully tiled shower nook, complete with a ceiling-mounted rain shower, and wall-mounted hand-held.


Indoors and out, the marriage of organic wood and ultramodern white elements creates a striking impression.


The home overlooks a stone patio and glass-enclosed swimming pool. An outdoor staircase leads to the upper level balcony, so you can take in the view from above.
Vibe Design Group


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