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Trendy Captivating Design Styles To Try Right Now

In previous years we have seen an increase in minimalist décor, so much so that many homeowners have decided to clear out the space and only use necessary decorative pieces. However, as we near the end of the year it is time to take a look at trendy captivating design styles that are currently taking over not only home décor, but you may want to try right now in your space.

Colorful Kitchen

Color always comes in handy in any area of the home especially when we are decorating the kitchen. The kitchen is perfect for added color due to have a wide range of space. Paint your kitchen cabinets a bold hue for a daring aesthetics or paint your kitchen island a daring color for a more subtle touch.

White kitchens have always had a special place in not only our hearts but the hearts of many. There is something crisp, clean, charming and ethereal about an all-white space. However, this time we are looking at adding more color. Color is coming in strong and with a vengeance, so much so that adding daring color is the way to go. Contemplate bold additional hues such as yellow, orange, red, sky blue etc.

Color Rich Sink

Take your copper sink up a notch by using copper elements throughout. Doing so will bring that rich gold undertone that copper is well-known for. We recommend using copper light fixtures and even copper appliances to allow the sink to seamlessly flow through the space.

To offset the dark and/or light hues in the kitchen metallic sinks are quickly becoming the IT metal to use. Instead of having a white, or silver sink, the latest trend is adding color rich steels such as copper, concrete, and even granite.

Jewel Tones in the Living Room

Jewel tones are the perfect complimentary hues to use in any living room. The richness of these colors are bold enough to work well together and when paired with other bright hues. Paint your walls a rich jewel tone to make a big impact. 

The living room has always been a top favorite when it comes to decorating the home, mainly due to the open space and the endless amount of decor options. This time around jewel tones are becoming a main focus, they are being paired with vivid hues such as rich reds, blues, oranges, and even magenta. The key is adding them in with a soft hand to create a well-rounded look that comes to life.

Organic Feel

For that classic organic touch add wood pieces in a bold manner. We love the idea of having a wood exposed wall, the wall itself brings an almost cabin feel into the room without taking away from the organic aesthetics the room is intended to have.

Homes and homeowners are becoming more aware of environmentally friendly décor, so much so that it has become a trend to create an organic feeling space. The key is using colors that are already a part of your outdoor space. Furthermore, you want to utilize furniture that feels as if it should be outdoors, but it works indoors as well such as rattan.

Hello Rose Gold

If you are looking to create a balance between having a feminine and masculine appeal in the kitchen adding black to your rose gold elements is an excellent option. The richness of the black will bring pull a more masculine aesthetics while the rose gold will create a seamless blend.

Adding a pink gold into your bathroom or kitchen brings an extra dose of femininity and glamour. The pink undertones in rose gold bring seamless warmth where the space may feel cold and even a bit masculine. This is perfect for any area of your home that needs a little something “extra.”

Marble Still Stands

For an easy colorful marble, touch add a marble basin sink. The modernness of this kind of marble used as a sink will help create a fresh take to the space while still being simple and fun. Add bits and pieces in that specific color to bring the entire decor together.

The use of marble is still a big highlight in home décor, however, the greatest trend this season is incorporating colorful marble instead of the traditional white and silver hues. The colorful natural feel of this new trend brings a punch of color without taking away from the décor that already stands. We love the idea of using colorful marble in the bathroom as an added dose of trendy color.

Curvy Lines

The beauty of using curved furniture in a living room is having the ability to create a more circular aesthetics. The circular formatting adds a traditional touch to even the most modern space. Consider having classic furniture become the main focus of the room.

Curves are IN and not just in fashion, but in-home décor as well. Straight lines have been all the rage, but not for long, curved furniture is back full force. The idea is to create a softness that can’t be done with straight lines, create curves with curved seating for a modern, yet traditional appeal.

Pieces of Wallpaper

A bold wallpaper will make a statement regardless of where it is placed. However, if you truly want to make that undeniable statement take a 3D wallpaper and use it directly next to a colored wall. The big contrast between the two is striking.

Wallpaper has been back on trend, but it is now officially a top favorite for many. Adding pieces of wallpaper, create not only an accent wall, but they take some wall space which is always a good idea when you want to decorate a wall without using art or fancy lighting.

Open Floor Plan

We love an open floor plan due to its airy feel while still being modern, it works exceptionally well when you want to incorporate color throughout the area without using multiple different decor options. The key is working with similar hues and features. 

If you already have an open floor plan, then you are in luck, however, if you don’t it may be time to open up space between your dining area and your kitchen. It has become extremely trendy to have the space be open and airy which works great when you want to entertain family and guests.

Large Lighting Fixtures

If you want a more cohesive appeal to your light fixtures use two identical large pieces that will brighten up the space while still becoming a main focal point. Use a bold white and/or pastel hues to make the big impact they were intended to make. 

Large light fixtures are one trend that we hope does not go out of style any time soon. The beauty of this trend is you can use multiple large light pieces and have them displayed in one area of your home. In order to achieve a trendy, look you want to use similar light fixtures that make sense yet have a hint of difference. The hint of difference will bring that intriguing touch that you want to have.

Disappearing Appliances

Appliances do not always have to be on display especially when you want to create a trendy contrast. The contrast will come in handy when you want to have areas concealed while not taking away from your current decor. 

More and more homeowners are loving the idea of showing fewer appliances as part of their kitchen décor. Furthermore, the idea is to hide them behind cabinets and other decorative pieces in the kitchen. The fewer appliances are shown the more modern the home will appear.

These trendy designs will elevate your home instantly. Please share with us any of your trendy design style ideas below.


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