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Shaker Stove by Antonio Citterio – from Skantherm

Inspired by classic American Shaker furniture, the Shaker Stove is a contemporary version of the old-fashioned wood burning stove. Once the centre of our homes, Antonio Citterio strives to bring the wonderful warmth and dance of fire back in our lives. Finished in matte black steel, the Shaker Stove harks back to traditional stoves and materials, though with a modern geometric furnace the minimalist ideals shine through. The fire is supported by tiny slender legs which contrast with the heavy lines framing the glass window. Between the legs is ideal for storing firewood, which would make a fantastic contrast of texture and colour. The most distinctive feature is the cantilevered short table, wonderfully convenient when building the fire. The Shaker Stove is also available in an extended table version, which provides cosy seating next to the fire which heads the table. The Shaker stove is compact and ideal for any interior. Part of the fireworks collection by Skantherm.


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