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Infrared Sensor Faucet from Kohler – new Insight Commercial Faucets

Apart from their cool, contemporary design, the new collection of Insight Commercial faucets from Kohler features an infrared sensor that offers hands-free use for comfort and convenience. This innovative design has got one up on the traditional sensor faucets – while the old designs rely on fixed settings that often result in false starts, the Insight faucet features an intuitive infrared that reads the surrounding environment, analyzes it, and calibrates the sensor for an accurate water trigger. Offered in a range of styles including deck-mount and wall-mount; from softly sculpted and bold geometric, to minimalist spouts and modern rounded goose-necks that deliver style and function with flair. Finally – a range of nice looking electronic commercial faucets suitable for residential installations as well! For more on the infrared sensor faucets, visit Kohler.



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