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Inflatable Room – Mobile Office in a Bag by Ibebi

The Ibebi OIAB inflatable room will renew your love of the workplace. OIAB – Office in a Bag – is an amazing, ultra-modern, lightweight room system that packs down into a bag, allowing you the convenience of a portable office, a mobile meeting room, a unique exhibition space or a cool hang-out that’s unlike any other. OIAB takes just one person and eight minutes to inflate, and it’s ready to enjoy as a temporary or permanent room. Available in 3x3m, 3x4m and 5x4m, this modern, versatile space can seat up to 10 people with a table, or offers standing room for as many as 20 visitors. OIAB is made of durable rip stop nylon, polyester and reinforced PVC, and features fluorescent tube lighting available in a spectrum of color gels that sets the whole modern space aglow. A sure favorite for anyone who enters, the innovative, inflatable Office in a Bag lets you bring the work place to them. To learn more, visit Ibebi.



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