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Industrial Kitchens with Alluring Style

When it comes to industrial styling there is nothing quite like it, it’s easy to incorporate, easy to execute and even easier to maintain- thus making it a top contender when you want to create something unique that embraces every personality. Consider it one of the easiest forms of taking full advantage of your kitchen’s structure. Whether it’s subtle or evident, industrial décor could be exactly what your kitchen needs. Ready to fall in love? Here are industrial kitchens with just the right amount of décor.

Cement Flooring

Whether your floor already has a cement finish, consider adding a glossy finish for a modern twist.

Industrial kitchens are known for having an open, spacious layout in order to be functional and fun. If you just want to keep your décor focused on the main essence of an industrial kitchen- adding a cement floor is one of the best ways to go. Cement flooring is raw and uncovered which adds that intricate look that makes sense to the room.

Uncovered Tubes

If your kitchen already has exposed tubes you want to take full advantage of it and work your decor around it. The idea is to allow your tubes to make a statement on their very own.

This one might seem pretty obvious, but uncovered tubes create an industrial touch seamlessly without the need of using an abundance of décor. Having uncovered tubes in the kitchen adds almost a warehouse feel that is modern and sleek all at once. Consider it an excellent form of allowing your industrial shelving to making a major statement.

Industrial Shelving

When selecting what shelving to place in your kitchen, consider an open rack display. The open rack will help expand the room in a welcoming manner, giving the room just the right amount of modern.

As previously mentioned above, industrial shelving is a major statement piece in any industrial kitchen. They add a touch of uniqueness while still being versatile and functional. There is one of the many decorating pieces that are actually beneficial to the room. The key is working with multiple sets of industrial shelving and allowing them to become one of the focal elements of the kitchen. Furthermore, you want the shelves to make a bold statement while still having everything you need exactly where you need it.

Wooden Furniture

Using a blend of wood is perfect when you want to add texture and character to the room.

While most of us are familiar with industrial décor and what goes into it, not many will focus on the little detail such as the types of materials that make the most statement in a room. That is where wood comes into play, this is mainly due to the various colors and textures that wood comes in. Add an abundance of different wood furniture’s with distinctive coloring for a unique touch, the multiple colors will add textures all while being put together and fun.

Colorful Kitchen

Whether you use a few hints of color here or there or in a bold manner, you want to use as many vivid hues as possible for that cohesive approach that makes sense.

Vivid colors might seem like the “wrong” thing to incorporate into an industrial kitchen; however, they add a huge impact even to the most industrially decorated rooms. Add a fun kitchen island in a bright shade to bring a spotlight to that specific area while still being industrial and fun. Consider a refurbished vintage desk as an island to further showcase your decorating style.

Industrial Lighting

When looking for the light fixtures to use, go as unique and intricate as possible. Doing so will bring a new touch to your kitchen that makes the room feel contemporary.

One of the key elements of industrial décor is lighting. Lighting plays such a big role in any kitchen because it enhances the rooms overall feel and aesthetic. Keeping that in mind, adding a bold light fixture is an excellent form of bringing that ambiguous industrial feel to the kitchen without the need of adding additional décor. Consider your light fixture the one piece of furniture that will make or break your new found decorating style.

Dark & Elegant

Using dark, rich hues is one of the easiest forms of bringing an elegant industrial approach without taking away from the rooms, main aesthetics.

Having an industrial decorated kitchen lends itself to the use of dark hues. Dark hues aren’t exactly used very often in the kitchen because they can feel a bit “heavy;” however, when done correctly dark hues could create a welcoming, intimate feel. Furthermore, when paired with other darker bits they add an elegant twist that feels unique, and sexy.

Industrial Picnic Table

Modernize your picnic table by having it displayed next to your kitchen island. 

When in doubt of what takes to add to your open kitchen consider a picnic table.  Picnic tables are back on trend and for good reason, they’re versatile, fun and work extremely well. With that being said, add a large picnic table, keeping the rest of your décor simple, allowing your table to be one of the main pieces in the room.

Raw Brick

A simple brick wall can make a huge difference in any room, the key is having your decor built around it, for that fun touch of rustic.

Raw brick is one of those natural items in the home that seem to never truly have a specific space. Brick walls tend to feel vintage yet modern without taking away too much from the décor that might already exist in the room. If you already have a brick wall, the key is working around it and allow it to have its own shining moment. You want your décor to kind of float around his specific wall. Keep your décor as seamless as possible while keeping a keen focus on that wall.

Glass Panels

Adding glass paneling is great for those industrial kitchens that need a little hint of something intricate to the eye.

While most of us won’t think twice about adding glass bits to the kitchen, some would like a more modern twist that is also feminine and even dainty. Adding glass paneled cabinetry adds a sleek lightness to the room that is also edgy and even contemporary when it’s done properly.

Keep the décor as simple as possible for the perfect outcome. Which of these alluring kitchens is your personal favorite? Share with us below.


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