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Indoor Waterfall from Harmonic Environments – custom interior waterfalls

The materials and design of our home has a huge impact on our emotions and well being. Harmonic Environments Indoor waterfall uses the natural water element to add a serene vitality, creating a relaxing soothing environment. Although water is known to purify the air and bring tranquillity, it has always been a difficult element to work with. However Harmonic Environments offer a broad range of fabulous Indoor Waterfalls to suit any application. They are ideal as distinctive room dividers or simply as kinetic works of art. For residential applications they can be an alternative to a fireplace, offering peaceful relaxation without the risk to children and pets. The central glass panes give a surface for the water to rush down, and can ensure privacy. Combined with dramatic lighting it can become the showpiece for any home. Indoor Waterfall is splash free and runs silently, leaving only the burbling sound of cascading water. Even maintenance is simple and easy with the ZonePure Purification System, requiring a mere 15 minutes a month. Harmonic Environments can offer the perfect bespoke solution to bring cool, luxurious waterfall into your life.



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