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Connecting with our natural environment is something lots of us seek out and what better way to accomplish that than with an indoor outdoor living room! ‘Bringing the outdoors in’ is an expression we hear often and we try to achieve this in our homes mainly with over-sized windows, especially when there are beautiful views beyond. The living room featured here is very inspiring not only because the glass doors are massive, but also they can be fully retracted to encourage a real feeling of living outdoors. This kind of living is not only possible for those who live in tropical climates. This house is situated in Sweden and when the weather doesn’t support this ‘al fresco’ lifestyle then the doors can be shut while still being able to enjoy the views and relating to the natural surroundings. Of course the living room itself is wonderful; with its minimalist decor and custom made contemporary furniture pieces. Notice the ambient lighting choice, which runs along the inner perimeter of the ceiling. This detail has a nice modern effect and reflects the interior style. Choosing blue for the seating arrangement is another nice detail that visually connects the interior space with the glorious sky outdoors. To learn more about this home visit the architect at Lindvall A&D.
via Style Park.



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