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Incredible Organic Leaf Hyphae Lights by Nervous System

It’s truly back to nature with these impressive pendant lights and lamps from Nervous System. Each lamp is individually ‘grown’ to emulate the veins in a tree leaf and a great deal of research and development went into this design, including analyzing leading scientists’ work. As complex and technical as the workup was, all you need to understand is how to flip the switch — all the heavy lifting has been done by the time this lamp sits on your table. What a light show they put on! Don’t the shadows look marvelous? And with each one different, they will all cast a different story on the wall. Your light and your wall becomes your art. They almost look like underwater coral sculpture, their detail is so fine. These awesome art lights would work in absolutely any room of the house – from a bathroom to your bedroom. And don’t they look fantastic when you put a few of them together?

The patterns of the veins in a leaf are actually grown into one-of-a-kind lights.
Thumbnail image for incredible-organic-leaf-hyphae-lamp-by-nervous-system-4.jpg

The pattern of the lamp also looks like an underwater coral sculpture.
A good deal of R&D went into creating this spectacular design.
More information: n-e-r-v-o-u-s


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