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How To Use Rain Glass To Make A Splash In Your Home

Rain glass- a beautiful glass that appears as if rain was coming down from it while being intimate and even a bit of a smoke show. It’s perfect for those that want something intricate yet charming all at once. Although rain glass is quite beautiful and intricate not many people know about it or how to use it. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a guide on how to use rain glass in your home to give it a well-deserved splash.


Simple opening and closing doors work exceptionally well as part of your shower

One of the most popular places to work with rain glass in the bathroom. It provides a privacy element due to how smoked out the glass appears, while still being sleek and charming. Furthermore, it adds a Zen touch that feels almost spa-like. Keep in mind, spas are known for using this kind of glass for a subtle, charm

Use as a Bathroom Door

When in doubt, consider intricate rain glass, designs they enhance the room while still bringing a charming aesthetic

With a versatile touch rain glass works well at bringing intimacy where you need it most. Therefore, bringing a rain glass bathroom door is a great idea. Not only will it bring a unique touch, but it brings charm where you need it most. You can almost consider it as the perfect form of giving you an intricate touch while still keeping your bathroom in its authentic form.

Sliding doors

Consider using your sliding doors as dividers for a beautiful glass effect

As previously stated, rain glass is perfect for privacy, which is why having them as sliding doors is an excellent form of making the room have an intricate touch without overbearing the room overall. Think of it as the perfect way of embracing the room’s unique appeal. This touch works with modern and intricate decor. It will feel sleek and chic the entire time. It almost gives it an open airy feel without taking away from the room’s overall appeal.

Bring it to the Kitchen

If you bring it to your kitchen, consider having it as part of your pantry for the ultimate display

More and more modern kitchens are now featuring rain glass. It’s sleek, chic and works with any decorating style. Keeping that mind, bringing it to the kitchen is a great form of opening up the space without really having to go above and beyond with your decor. Think of it as the perfect way of going above and beyond with your decor without taking up too much room.

Kitchen cabinets

Having rain glass as cabinets is perfect for those that want something that allows them to see what’s inside without having to fully look

Cabinetry is unique to one’s decor, but having kitchen cabinets that have a rain glass aesthetic. Furthermore, it enables you to see what’s inside of your cabinetry without having to open them every single time. Furthermore, it enables you to get as creative with your decor as possible without fearing you will disrupt your decor.

Powder Room Privacy

If you have a larger powder room take advantage and bring in smoked out rain glass, shower doors for a welcoming contrast.

Another room that truly doesn’t get the credit it deserves is the powder room. It’s the perfect space when you want some privacy away from the rest of your home. Furthermore, the powder room can use some added privacy by having rain glass as part of your decor. Whether you bring it in through the walls, the door or even as part of your vital decor.

Shower Doors

Add rain glass, shower doors to make a bold display that makes perfect sense to the room

Privacy is big when it comes to rain glass doors which is perfect for those times you want some privacy while still having unique doors. It’s all about being cohesive, fun and sleek. Furthermore, these doors allow you to get as creative as possible without going overboard with your decor. Consider it an easy form of expanding your decor palette.


Work the rain glass as part of your porch for the ultimate display that still has privacy

Sometimes you don’t need your rain glass to do anything specific in the room. Sometimes you simply need something sleek to enhance the appeal of the room. Bringing a simple rain glass element will enhance the appeal of the room without taking away from any decorative aspect of the room. Furthermore, it keeps the room simple.

Color Glass


Pair your color glass with other color elements to enhance the room overall

Rain glass does not come in one solid color it comes in multiple hues. Furthermore, having a colorful element enables you to bring in color without having to add too much. With colorful, rain glass, the color won’t be as bright, it will be a bit more subtle instead. Having this works when you just want a hint of color for an expansive feel.

Barn Doors

Bring your rain glass doors to the closet for the biggest contrast possible

When it comes to doors, consider bringing in barn doors for the perfect contrast. Barn, doors are warming and welcoming while the rain glass adds that hint of modern. It’s the perfect contrast to the room. Especially, if you have a farmhouse touch already incorporated into the room.

Are you a fan of rain glass? If so, share with us your ideas below.


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