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Transform Any “awkward” Corner

Every home tends to have an empty, awkward corner that simply makes no sense or doesn’t flow with the décor. Additionally, there is the element of not knowing what to add to that corner or make it feel apart, of the décor that is showcased in the rest of the home. Keeping that in mind, we brought you a guide on how to transform that little corner and make it feel just as grand and welcoming as the rest of your home.

A Nook with a View

Add a chic seating area that will allow you to fall in love with the view while still being comfortable easy on the eye.

If your corner is planted in front of or behind a window, you want to take complete advantage of it by having a chair or table displayed as part of it to create that nook feel that embraces the view. The idea is to have the view become the main focus of your living room color scheme and décor.


When selecting your bookcase display consider going big and grand in order to fill your entire awkward corner. The idea is to have the corner completely filled while being creative.

For those who are lovers of all things books, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of your corner and create a bookcase. Having a bookcase is great because it allows your home to have the greatest love stories and the most interesting mystery’s right at your arm’s length. Add a few chairs, cushions and even a rug to bring a library vibe with just the right amount of décor.

Food Bar

Go big or go home when it comes to having a coffee bar in your kitchen. You want your coffee bar to have all the elements you need in one single spot.

If you are a foodie and have an extensive love for food, adding a food bar to your corner is a great way to have what you need whenever you need it. A smaller table filled with your coffee, snacks, or even chocolate is great for a small entertainment space that your guests will love.

Floating Shelves

Paint your floating shelves the same color as the rest of your wall for an even cohesive approach. The wall should appear as similar as possible in order to not break away from what you place on your shelves.

The benefit of floating shelves is that they allow you to have more storage without taking floor space. This is great when you have a smaller corner that simply needs something extra to come alive. Add small trinkets or other items that you want to have a special place around your home. This is another great area for displaying holiday décor.

Gallery Wall

Add a bench underneath your gallery wall to bring a rustic appeal that makes the room have a welcoming touch where anyone can sit.

A smaller corner is a great option for creating a display of images that resonate with the rest of your décor. There are so many different colors, palettes, and textures that can be created with a gallery wall, you want to take advantage of this and display unique images that not only brighten the room but bring character to it as well.


Keeping it simple is one of the best ways to keep your corner from feeling “awkward” you want that area to feel as cozy as possible.

Do not over complicate your corner by adding over-the-top items- keep it simple and chic by having a comfortable chair and table pairing. Having this element will add additional seating while removing the “out of place” feel of that particular corner.

Built-in Reading Nook

For your reading nook to make the impact you want it to make you want to have as much color as possible. Whether you achieve it by having a colorful chair or pillows, the more color the better the room will feel.

Having built-in furniture is an excellent idea when you want to keep your décor as crisp and clean as possible. Turn your corner into a new seating area with a built-in bench to create that feeling of coziness to the specific area. Add a few magazines or books to add that crisp reading nook vibe.

Breakfast anyone?

A small breakfast nook can make a world of a difference. Add a colorful touch to bring a feminine, almost spring-like vibe right where you need it.

We have all been taught breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, it makes sense to take your unused corner and add a custom breakfast space. The custom touch will ensure your décor is not too big for the size of the room while giving you that hint of personality.

Hang a Chair

Add a cozy appeal to your hanging chair with a blanket and seating cushion.

As children, most of us have all dreamed of having a hanging chair in our room or somewhere in our home as it sort of looked and felt like an indoor swing. Now that we have all become adults, we can officially have that hanging chair we have always wanted. Add a hanging chair in your corner and pair it with other comfortable elements for a boho-chic element that feels fresh and new.


For a well-rounded look add multiple plants in numerous shades of green. Doing so will expand the room while still giving it a classic freshness.

If you are not fond of having too much décor or you simply want to keep the rest of your home simple adding greenery is the way to go. Your corner will thank you for adding a simple element that radiates color and appeal while still bringing something classic and natural to the room.

How do you remove the “awkwardness” from your corner? Share with us your ideas below.


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