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House Clad in Wood Lamella

German architects Titus Bernhard Architekten designed this cool wood clad house in Munich, Germany as a livable sculpture. The asymmetrical roof is clad in prefabricated vertical wood lamella that makes its way down the walls for a homogenous overall look.

The ordered exterior is an apt reflection of the home’s organized interiors, which were designed as much for function as for style. Though compact, the house is carefully thought out, and every inch used efficiently in this open concept plan. The front foyer is a grand, open to above area that enhances its sense of space while visually connecting the main floor to the home’s upper level.
Floor to ceiling windows flood interiors with bright light, which is amplified further by the white walls and minimalist interior palette.
The dining area is clean and contemporary, with a wonderful fireplace feature and wood storage space integrated into the wall as functional art.
Upstairs, the dreamy bedroom puts simplicity on a pedestal. The bed is positioned against a floating half wall that doesn’t quite reach the top of the gabled ceiling. Just on the other side of the wall, the adjoining ensuite offers some privacy from the sleeping area while still maintaining the room’s open, spacious feel.
The architects’ design philosophy for this home is definitely “less is more,” transforming a small family home into a space where fashion and function complement one another beautifully.
Titus Bernhard Architekten
via Arch Daily


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