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Hot Glass Cabinet Knobs by Megna – handmade blown round cabinet knobs

Handmade glamour, the Hot Glass Cabinet Knobs add sparkle to any room. Each one is work of art, designed by Martin Megna the glass is blown and formed in a 2000 degree heat. The shining swirls of glass are available in a broad range of colours and forms. As an example, the Cobra Wrap cabinet knob features a spiral coil that enwraps a topaz glass sphere. The black coil adds fabulous detail while providing a firm grip. Perfect for matching with darker wood, the Cobra Wrap adds a seductive interest. In contrast the Blue Amber Swirl doorknob is sleek and smooth. The surface undulates with colour, shrouded in mysterious beauty like a gas planet. Distinctive glitz for modern decoration the Glass cabinet knobs allow personal expression through fine detail. Buy Megna Knobs at prices from $34.



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