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Natural Stone Knobs from Mainely Knobs

A design detail so astonishingly logical, you’ll wonder why natural stone knobs from Mainely Knobs don’t feature in every luxury kitchen and bathroom. Pulling together the look of your gorgeous countertops of marble, slate, soapstone or granite with matching natural stone knobs adds refined polish to the entire look. Your choice of countertop material will be replicated in surplus stone – giving you beautifully crafted granite or marble knobs to suit your needs. Hard-wearing and cool, these knobs will do justice to your carefully selected fittings, unifying cabinetry with countertop. The natural materials complement each other perfectly, in colour schemes selected according to your own taste. For a totally unified kitchen or bathroom look, try the natural stone knobs from Mainely Knobs, choosing granite knobs or marble knobs as the finishing touch to your home.


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