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11 Luxury Home Ideas with Enchanting Swimming Pools

Whether you want to own a home with a pool or you’re in the process of designing your own, it is always a great idea to look for inspiration. While luxury homes tend to always have a magical view, your home can easily have the same aesthetic without much complication or elements to incorporate. Here are a few luxury homes with fascinating pool areas.

Ca l’amo House / Marià Castelló Martínez

Designed by fascinating architect, Maria Castello Martinez the Ca l’amo House is a modern enthusiast dream. Constructed to feel as if it is completed separated from the rest of the world, it truly is its very own modern land. Featuring an open and minimal approach that has been paired with nature and a rectangular pool. The outdoor space truly speaks for itself. Furthermore, the pool can be seen from most, if not all angles of the home.

LLP House / Ibmr

Complemented by truly land and greenery, this home was built around the idea of having an extravagant pool, be the focal point. Measuring 772.0 m² the house itself is constructed of a mainly wooden interior and paired with nature all around it. The open construction enables the home to almost resort-like. It’s almost as if you are on vacation yet at home all at once. Showcase a larger than life pool that has been paired with a separate hot top this pool area is perfect for those that love to have guests frequently.

Mitchell Lane House / Robert Young Architects

Created to appear as three barn-like structures that make up one home, the Mitchell Lane House binds originality with hints of classic farmhouse. From the outside, this home appears as eloquent and charming as possible, but once you step in, you instantly get a dose of contemporary. Showcasing, a rectangular pool with classic lines and stone art, the outdoor space was formulated to bring the great outdoor directly inside creating a seamless aesthetic.

Amanali House / Rojkind Arquitectos

Built from locally sourced materials the Amanali House is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. It’s truly a home that brings the outdoors inside and vice versa. You can almost say this home has perfectly captured the genuine appeal humans have to want to be outdoors. Created out of multiple buildings in unique shapes, that come together to flawlessly create a home, this house can keep the house cool during the day and heat it at night by simply using the stones it was built with. Nevertheless, there is an integrated pool in a unique pattern that flows uniquely through the main portion of the home.

Shade House / Ayutt and Associates design

Described as a self-sustainable residence, this home was built to work in all weather conditions without missing a beat. Constructed to be extremely modern and even more versatile, this home comes as a surprise to many due to how its unique exterior. Feature a deep rectangle pool, the home enables its owners to truly focus on the great outdoors showcasing actual nature inside of the home with two large willow trees that showcase an additional layer of texture.

Micham House / The Collaborative

With the idea of constructing a home that blends the view of the creek with tranquility, the Micham House does this effortlessly. Starring impeccable views in the main rooms (living room, dining room, and kitchen), this house provides a magical, homey feel for all. Furthermore, the pool itself is quite traditional but the ability to join the creek in one section of the house and have a beautiful deep pool on the other works quite in the home’s favor. It’s all about bringing a seamless approach that units, both bodies of water yet keep them separate at the same time.

Oyster House / Ana Lozano Portillo

Featuring a stone exterior this home was created to resemble a relaxing, safe zone. Designed by a mother who wanted to raise her children in a safe area that still lets them feel the great outdoors at their fingertips, this home has access to olive trees and smaller windows. That’s the trick to this home, there is no large access to anything only what the owner wants you to see. Additionally, there is a uniquely shaped pool that sits in the center of the home, the pool can be seen by the smaller rectangular windows that surround the majority of the home.

Wooden House / Turato Architects

Designed with a poetic feel, the Wooden House sits on a spacious plot of land surrounded by luscious trees, open space and an exceptional view of the sea. If that wasn’t enough the house has an open, feel interior that blends beautifully with the great outdoors. The roof of the house itself is a bit of a mystery as it was created out of different colored tiles that enhance the open aspect of the home. As for the pool, it is an infinite masterpiece that enables the user to feel as if they can almost taste the sea when they go for a swim. Furthermore, there’s a whirl hot tub inside that extends the pool feel to the inside of the home.

TRD House / Biselli Katchborian Arquitetos

Built on the idea of taking two towers and creating something new with it, this house takes geometrical, modern layout. The entire home comes in with multiple different shapes, that construct the ultimate modern home. Right in the middle of the construction stands a slimmer than usual pool. Reason for this being the pool isn’t the focus of the home instead of its an essential highlight. It enables the home to be the main statement while the pool has a slimmer thrilling aspect. The overall aesthetic of the home brings an openness that feels fresh in every section of the home.

Bridge House / NOMO STUDIO

Presenting another form of making a home as unique as possible, the Bridge House takes a beautiful idea and makes it a reality with a large dose of contemporary. With its rotating exterior, the entire feel of the home is fresh, while giving you an envious approach towards the home’s pentagon shape. Though the shape is unique it doesn’t take away from how homey the home overall feels. The pool is the main focus by being centered around the shape with the perfect indoor/outdoor approach.

Kaleth House / Di Frenna Arquitectos

Last but not least, we have the Kaleth House, a home that borders nature and contemporary without missing a beat. Sitting on a vegetation plant this home comes with a unique sense of openness, due to how much nature is showcased through every window. Its views create almost a telescope approach towards the home. While the pool is large and wide with the ability to consume the majority of the outside space. Furthermore, the two blend shamelessly together.

When it comes to creating the perfect pool for your home you want to ensure you take into consideration how much space you have and benefits it can bring to your oasis. Share with us below which of these pools is your personal favorite? And how you would showcase them?


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