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Hoesch Sensamare Komplettbad – the Complete Luxury Modern Bathroom

The Sensamare Komplettbad from Hoesch combines simple forms into innovative designs for an engaging bathroom with minimalist style. Ovals feature prominently in the Sensamare Komplettbad creating a uniting theme between the pieces. The bath and basin both use the wide oval shape for their exterior forms, but inside they offer straight lines and rectangular vessels. This contrast of curving and linear geometry creates a dynamic tension and distinctive character for the Sensamare Komplettbad. The juxtaposition of contrasting forms is mirrored in the materials of the Sensamare Komplettbad. The glossy gleaming white drawers and vessels are presented on natural wood vanities and plinths. The contrasting textures and temperatures create an engaging design that retains a sense of simplicity and warmth. Though beyond modern minimalist style the Sensamare Komplettbad offers luxury technology and spa like treatments. The open and spacious shower offers six body sprays and a large oval shower head surrounded by chromatherapy lights. Beneath your feet a large oval of luxurious doussie decking is framed by a gleaming white shower tray. Even offering folding wooden seats, the Sensamare Kamplettbad offers you comfort and luxury everyday. Available from Hoesch, the Sensamare Komplettbad is a united bathroom design from Yellow Design with an elegant minimalist style and the luxury of modern spa treatments.



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