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Jake Phipps Hats Pendant Lights

jake phipps hat pendant light Jake Phipps Hats Pendant Lights
You’ve simply got to take your hat off to such original thinking – the remarkable Jeeves and Wooster suspended ceiling lights are by Jake Phipps. The company states that the hats ‘reflect a bygone era of imperialism, class divide and eccentricity’ – and thus re-appropriates the clothing items to this unexpected, thought-provoking use. Made from authentic bowler and top hats, this lighting makes a statement without saying a word. An interesting political paradox emerges from these ‘classic British cultural icons’ that once said so much about their wearer. Now, we can appreciate the form – the sharp tailoring and silky interiors. Function modern art: Jeeves and Wooster pendant lights are by the London-based company Jake Phipps, and are available to buy direct from the studio.

jake phipps hats pendant lights Jake Phipps Hats Pendant Lights



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