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New Hansgrohe Downpour Air Royale 14-in. showerhead – get the right water coverage

At last, the showerhead that is as wide as your shoulders, no more no less… the Hansgrohe Downpour Air Royale showerhead is a 14-inches flat circle with 225 spray channels within. But the size is not its greatest feature yet – thanks to the built-in air-injection technology you’ll be “embraced in the sounds and feel of an enchanting spring rain”. And the air-infused water will make you “feel invigorated by the air bubbles that expand each droplets’ size.” …Plus the innovative Rubit self-cleaning system will keep the Downpour Air Royale showerhead clean. Downpour is available for wall or ceiling mounting and only in Chrome. Starts selling from February 2006. Pre-order yours for around $980 at Action Supply. For more information visit Hansgrohe.


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