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Trendy Halloween Decorations For Spooktacular Style

This year skip on the “cheesy” plastic pumpkins, and sticky candy and go for a more elegant touch that still feels eerie. Adding a touch of trendy and glamour is an excellent form of bringing Halloween to your home in a more modern way. From glass pumpkins to simple touches of black these bits, you need for Fall and might even want to keep all-year-round. Here are some trendy Halloween decorations for witchy, Spooktacular style.

Linen Pumpkins

Linen pumpkins are great because they are simple to use and incorporate all-year-round especially if you want to have them past the Halloween season.

Pumpkins are a signature staple of Halloween, so much so that they come in multiple different sizes, colors, textures and even aesthetic. However, for a more upgraded appeal add an array of linen pumpkins to bring a chic elegance that makes a beautiful display in your home. Group together pumpkins that come in multiple different sizes for a broad variety that bring a chic feel to your table.

Wooden Pumpkins

Wood pumpkins are great when you want a rustic appeal that can be painted. Paint your wood pumpkins a metallic orange or a beautiful contrast to your other decorative bits.

Another excellent option for those that want a more rustic feel to their Halloween décor. Add in wooden pumpkins instead of any other ones. Having handcrafted wood pumpkins is perfect for an additional touch of rustic without compromising your décor. You might even want to display outdoors as well if you do remember they will never go out of style or grow mold- a win-win for all.

Bring on the Glitz

Just because it’s Halloween does not mean the glitz and the glamor goes away. In fact, add fun polka dots or even multicolored glitter for a beautiful contrast.

For a stylish touch that does not take away from your current décor, purchase traditional Halloween decorative bits in a glittery or silver finish. Having a contrast between the two is perfect for those times you want traditional festive décor that will not have to be changed once the holiday is over. Keep it simple, by having glittery pumpkins as they main highlight of your home.

Witchy Wreath

Whether you decide to have your wreath as the main focus of your outdoor space or you use it indoors, you want to make sure you add additional bits that bring the holiday spirit throughout.

Do not underestimate how beautiful witchy wreaths can be. Welcome your witchy friends with an edgy yet spooky wreath hanging from your door. Having this touch sets the feel of your home in a seamless manner. You will want to choose a few wreaths throughout your home to have that well-rounded appeal. You might even want to have your wreaths displayed in other areas of your home that is not your door. Areas such as your staircase and/or both.

Keep it Simple

Having an elegant outdoor space is always a good idea, even if you want to add a sense of spook into the room. Consider having edgy pumpkins with a twist of charm by pairing them with similar colored flowers.

While most of us love to go the extra mile for the holidays, one of the best ways to ensure you have that trendy, spooky feel is by keeping it simple. Decorate with a monochromatic palette for a beautiful pairing that expands on the space without using the traditional colors. Furthermore, doing so allows you to decide if you want to keep your décor up for a bit longer then when the holiday is over.

Don’t Forget your Backyard

Halloween is the perfect holiday to decorate your outdoor area, it’s full of colors and character. Add a bunch of different Halloween decorative pieces to creating a spell catching display.

Whereas most décor tends to happen on the inside of your home, take your spooky bits outside. Hang cool Halloween lights or add fun pumpkins in multiple colors, textures, and sizes for a more upscale feel. Additionally, incorporate your fall colors for a more well-rounded feel that don’t necessarily scream Halloween instead it screams “holiday season” with a spooky twist.

Gem-encrusted Skulls

Having a skull that oozes gems is the perfect pairing for those that want a spooky element with a hint of feminine chic. You might want to purchase a skull or two in multiple sizes or you can even create a fun DIY project.

Skulls are quite the Halloween staple; however, it is quite easy to take decorating with them a bit too far and making the space feel cheesy. A simple way to avoid this is by bringing glamor to your décor with gem-encrusted skulls. Place them around your home for that touch of spooky that is quite chic and beautiful. Use skulls in different sizes for a daring pairing that has a classic touch to it.

Black Lace

Lace has always been a feminine touch; however, when it is in a darker hue it takes a bit of a sinister twist and we are loving it. Pair with other Halloween decor to bring it all together with a chic edgy twist.

As much as lace can be feminine and appealing it can also be edgy and enchanting. Add hints of black lace as much as possible to bring out that spooky aesthetics that can also feel feminine in a unique type of way. Consider having black lace as part of your table décor or as an additional touch to your mantel.

Mercury Glass

Mercury comes in multiple different hues which is one of the main reasons why we love it so much. Add string lights inside of your mercury glass jar for a beautiful contrast that brightens the table and your dark and edgy decor.

Mercury glass has become a top favorite for most seasons, not only is it beautiful to look at but it has that authentic spooky element to it. The key is having mercury glass worked into a display that mainly features other decorative elements with the same aesthetics. Doing so will bring a freshness to the area that seems cohesive and put together. For a more festive appeal add hints of orange and/or black for that classic Halloween touch.

Dark and Edgy

Whether you simply have one crow or an abundance of crows the option is up to you. However, make sure you use bold shades of orange to brighten the darkness crows tend to showcase.

Crows are one of those animals that are symbolic of death, Halloween, darkness, and even mysterious moments. Therefore, having them as part of your décor is not only dark and edgy but its fun and contemporary. Whether you have them on the inside of your home for a spooky bit or you have them on the outside, crows take your décor to the next level with little to no hesitation.

Halloween is right around the corner, which of these are you trying at home? Share with us your ideas in the comments below.


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