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Have Your Guest Feel Right at Home with These Guest Room Design Concepts

When you are decorating your home the last place you may focus on is your guest room. Many homeowners have stated that when it comes to the guest room in their home, they have yet to decide on how to properly decorate the space. In fact, many homes have a guest bedroom that is partially empty.

The idea of a guest bedroom is having a space where your guests can feel right at home when they are visiting you. It is also the one space in the home that does not need to match any of the other décor that is throughout the home. Here are a few guest bedroom design ideas that we think would be an excellent addition to your home.

Elegant Escape

Golden trim adds elegance to a room without being overpowering. Consider adding frames with a golden trim to help have a cohesive look throughout the entire room

Having a room appear elegant may seem like a difficult task. However, it is actually easier than you may think. The key is adding selective pieces that make all the difference. Choose furniture with a golden trim to add instant elegance.

Pretty Patterns

Although, one pattern is typically the best idea. Choosing more than one pattern will create a fun space that your guest will enjoy. When choosing more than one pattern consider sticking to one color scheme for the best results.

Add a sense of playfulness to your guest bedroom by adding pattern. A pattern is an excellent way to add color and a richness to a room without having to completely change your décor color scheme. Consider using one pattern throughout the entire room to give a cohesive appearance to the space.

Simple and Fresh

An intricate mirror behind the bed can make a huge difference in the way the room appears. If you have a small bedroom this is an excellent way of making the room appear larger. Mirrors create an illusion of a larger room.

Having a white theme in your guest bedroom is the key to having a room that feels simple and fresh. Choose light colored wooden furniture. Doing so will further enhance the simple décor. Likewise, consider adding mirrors on the wall.

Vacation Vibes

A tropical bedding accompanied by a few plants can give you the vacation feel you want the bedroom to have. Add an intricate chandelier and you have created the perfect relaxing space.

Give your guests an instant vacation when they visit you by creating a room that screams vacation. Offering your guest, a space that is relaxing yet practical is one of the best ways of making them feel right at home. Bamboo inspired furniture accompanied by tropical bedding will offer the vacation vibes you may seek.

Modern Spotlight

Black and white decor is elegant while still being edgy. Add a colorful plant or frame to the room to add some color to the room. 

Modern décor has become the latest trend to completely take over interior designing and when it comes to your guest bedroom this should not be an exception. A black and white color scheme is the perfect way to include the modern trend into your guest bedroom. Choose pieces that are high in contrast yet will make a huge impact when you enter the room.

Cottage Feel

For a relaxing feel choose light colored furniture. Light colored furniture offers a softer look than dark furniture would. For an added cottage feel to your guest bedroom add a textured and/or printed rug. This will add to the cozy feel you have going on in the room.

Offer your guests a cozy atmosphere with a cottage themed guest room. Cottage homes have always been known for being cozy and warm. Create the same ambiance for your guests by layering patterned bedding on a dark wood bed frame. Pair it with modern accessories to seamlessly combine the old with the new.

Pampering Pastels

Add metallic accessories to your pastel themed bedroom. Consider golden tone accessories as well as silver and if you want to take it a step further choose accessories in rose gold.

No color scheme screams pampering like a pastel color scheme. There is something very calming and beautiful in pastel colors. Likewise, they offer a diversity of colors without being overpowering. Use colorful furniture mixed with white linen for the ultimate pampering color scheme. Consider having fresh flowers in the room to complete the look.

Eye-catching Focus

A tropical wallpaper may be exactly what your guest bedroom may need in order to feel modern and upscale. In fact, it is an excellent way to revamp a room without making too many changes

To create an eye-catching space, give your walls the ultimate focus by having a bold patterned wallpaper. Wallpaper is an excellent way of decorating with color and texture without using furniture. Use wallpaper patterns that are easy to work around such as floral print, stripes and/or tropical print. Keep the rest of the room, neutral to truly have the focus be your wallpaper.

Sophisticated Retreat

Pair your gray and yellow tones with other neutrals to create a perfect contrast that will help the bedroom appear cohesive and put together. Add an inticate lamp to modernize the space a little bit more. 

Sometimes your guest just trying to get away from their daily routine and have a sweet retreat in your home. Create a sophisticated retreat in our guest bedroom by using neutral tones such as gray, black or brown and pairing them with yellows, orange or pink. These colors paired together give you a sophisticated room that is still lively and bright.

Nautical Fun

If you want to do a nautical theme but do not want to incorporate bold colors such as red. Add nautical accessories instead. Nautical accessories can bring the entire look together without the need of using bold colors or patterns.

Create the ultimate fun retreat space for your guests with a nautical themed guest bedroom. A nautical theme brings beach vibes directly to your home. This can create the fun and relaxing space your guests need. Use colors red, white and blue along with ocean inspired accents. Pair the nautical colors with bold furniture to bring the entire look together.

Your guests deserve to have a beautiful bedroom that can make them feel right at home. With these guest bedroom concepts, you will be on your way towards creating a space that is well loved by your visitors. Let us know what concept you want to have in your guest bedroom.



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