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Barn Style Home and Studio feature Douglas-fir Ceilings and Trim

Cindy Rendely Architexture received a brief from her client’s to create a modern home with views to Lake Ontario for their 100 acre farm located in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada, but the caveat was that they did not want their modern weekend retreat to be flat or white and they needed a second detached building to use as an art studio. Cindy Rendely rose to the challenge and created a home with a pitched roof barn style silhouette – befitting the 100 acres of land the home resides on – surrounding an interior open plan concept that features Douglas-fir on the pitched ceilings and trim work. Complimenting the warmth of the mid-toned wood is the cool shades of grey used on the floor tiles as well as on the facing of the centrally positioned fireplace. With both the wood and grey representing mid tone shades, the architect layered in white on the walls, kitchen countertops and light fixtures for contrast. In the dining area the further addition of white Eames shell chairs surrounding the red tones of a Cherry wood Dining Table bring an additional layer of interest to the room.

“The Farm”, as the home has been affectionately nicknamed, showcases a metal roof on its gabled roofs, which cross in a T formation where the home goes from a single volume to two. The double volume section contains the Master Suite upstairs and two guest suites while the intersecting single storey zone contains the open concept living, dining and kitchen areas.
The living and dining areas flank the two sided fireplace and on the living side the shades of grey have been expanded into the upholstery of the sofa while pops of white can be found in accessories and chair frames. Here, unlike in the dining space additional fiery shades of orange and red are also featured giving the space a warm and cozy country feel.
The kitchen is positioned between the dining room and the private zones marking the end of the single volume. Here, solid wood cabinets create a warm working zone while the white counter and backsplash keep the prep space light and bright. The Additional material of Stainless Steel on the appliances has been expanded upon via the three bar stools tucked under the island’s counter.
Upstairs the warm aesthetic created by the Douglas-fir ply panels continues, only here it has been expanded on by continuing the sheets down some of the walls as seen here in the hall and the bedroom.
The master suite (including an ensuite) overlooks Lake Ontario which is 5 miles away and a built in window seat below the glazings is the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the views. As with the downstairs, the floors are grey but here the grey is represented in a low pile carpeting rather then tiles. Grey is also the choice of colour in the bedding and it also makes an appearance on the art studio’s siding visible through a window.
The artist’s studio is positioned on the far end of a small courtyard with its entrance facing the backdoor of the main house. A small weathered wood fence creates a privacy wall while at the same time visually connecting the two entryways of the buildings.
The studio continues the exaggerated gable pitch used in the main house as well as the Douglas-fir ceiling and trim treatment and the tiled flooring. The studio is kept clean and basic, allowing the artist to approach their creations from an uncluttered surround, thereby letting their instinctual aesthetics be the driving force of their art.
Cindy Rendely Architexture
Photography by Tom Arban


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