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Grohe bathroom faucet – new Kensington wideset faucet

[KBIS 2007 Previews]
Large Swarovski Crystals sparkle with class and refinement in this glamorous new Grohe bathroom faucet – the Kensington wideset faucet. Sweeping bright silver forms elegantly rise from the vanity and like a swan’s neck, the Kensington faucet gently arches over the basin. Subtle bands ring the faucet bases and accent the slender silver waists for a refined classic style. The Swarovski Crystal studded handles glitter with sophistication and glamour, clear as diamonds. Offering fabulous Hollywood glitz and shine, this Grohe faucet sings with personality and character. Available from Grohe, the Kensington faucet adds a sparkle and romance to bathroom designs.


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